Christopher O'Neal
Full Name

Christopher Richard O'Neal


Chris, Christopher, Chris diggy dog



Date of Birth

April 4, 1994

Eye Color


Hair Color






Kevin Reed

Christopher Richard "Chris" O'Neal (April 4, 1994) is an American Actor who received his first major television role in the 2012 Nickelodeon series How to Rock, which premiered on February 4, 2012. In How to Rock, O'Neal plays the role of "Kevin Reed", a gawky high school freshman who is the drummer for the band Gravity 5. O'Neal, a resident of Teaneck, New Jersey. He attended Teaneck Highschool, and previously attended Teaneck Community Charter School. He appeared in several commercials and in a Saturday Night Live skit before getting his first recurring role.

He is co-hosting a new show on Nickelodeon with Noah Crawford called "You Gotta See This".


  • He loves orange juice.
  • He is a great roller skater.
  • He has been playing the drums for about five years.
  • He loves to rap and rapped about Nickelodeon in his audition for the show.
  • He looks up to Will Smith.
  • His celebrity crush is Selena Gomez.
  • Lulu sometimes calls him Gusgus because he reminds her of the mouse from Cinderella who also likes to eat a lot.
  • If he could be on any Nickelodeon show in the past it would be Drake and Josh.
  • He made a cameo in Max's Maroon 5 Medley.
  • He is currently in the studio making music.

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