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How to Rock Soundtrack
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Soundtrack album by Various artists
Released NTBA (Never to be announced)
Recorded 2011-2012
Genre Pop, R&B, Dance, Rock
Length TBA
Label Nickelodeon/Sony

The How to Rock Soundtrack is a Nickelodeon soundtrack from and inspired by the TV series, How to Rock.

Track listing From Season 1-(2012 songs)

  1. Only You Can Be You by Kacey simon
  2. Go With Gravity by Gravity 5
  3. Rules for Being Popular by The Perfs
  4. Move With the Crowd by Gravity 5
  5. Hey Now by Gravity 5
  6. Good Life by Gravity 5
  7. Last 1 Standing by Gravity 5
  8. War on the Dance Floor by Kacey Simon
  9. How You Do It by Gravity 5
  10. All About Tonight by Gravity 5
  11. How To Rock by Gravity 5
  12. Me Myself And I by Little romeo, the Perfs and Gravity 5
  13. Rock With Me by Gravity 5
  14. Just Do Me by Gravity 5
  15. Only You Can Be You (Acoustic)
  16. Rules for Being Popular (Kacey Simon Version) by Kacey Simon and The Perfs[Possibly]


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