"How to Rock a Basketball Team" is the fourteenth episode of How to Rock. It first aired on Nickelodeon in the United States on May 5, 2012. The episode received 2.0 million viewers.

In this episode, every kid at Brewster High is required to join a sports team. Kacey reluctantly joins Stevie's basketball team, only to discover she's pretty good. But Kacey's drive to win puts their friendship to the test! Meanwhile, Nelson creates a snacking machine for him, Kevin, and Zander, to feed them snacks without getting up or moving. When the guys accidentally set it on warp speed, Nelson and the guys are forced to destroy it.

Episode Summary

Kacey joins Stevie's basketball team, the Screaming Vikings. Stevie is the star of the team (Andy and her other admirers spell her name on their shirts. As Stevie says, "That's the least of my worries.") But when Kacey becomes a ball-hog & also star of the team Stevie gets envious and jealous.

Molly and Grace have created a rival team called the Perf Army, where they've enlisted super-tall girls to be on the team. They plan on taking Kacey and the Screaming Vikings down!

In the meantime, Nelson, Zander, and Kevin have been running track and they're exhausted. They don’t even want to leave the couch. Hilariously, they all hang buckets around their necks and feed themselves from that, until they finish everything in the bucket. That iswhen Zander urges Nelson to create something so the guys don't have to leave the couch to eat. Nelson gets one of his genius ideas to build a machine that can throw food at them. He calls it the "Snack-a-nator 3,000."

There is a warp speed button on the machine, but he tells everyone not to touch it. Of course it gets pushed and the machine starts shooting snacks at them at a crazy force and speed. They finally are able to destroy the machine to make it stop.

The Screaming Vikings are set to play The Perf Army, and Molly has made sure that Kacey is surrounded by tall girls to hurt her game. She knows that they are set to block her if she tries to throw the ball in the hoop. So, she passes it to Stevie who wins the game for the team!

Gravity 5 plays their new song "Move With the Music" and Kacey does something she’s never done before: introduce the band and talk about how awesome they are. Lesson learned? You can’t be a team without working together.


Featured song

Memorable Quotes

Stevie: You've shot a baseball before.

Kacey: No...
Stevie: Well, you've dribbled a baseball before.
Kacey: I have not
Stevie: You know what a baseball is...?

Kacey: (points at baseball) That's a baseball.


The episode received 2.014 million viewers on its premiere.


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