"How to Rock a Birthday Party" is the eleventh episode of How to Rock. It first aired on Nickelodeon in the U.S. on April 14, 2012.

In this episode, Kacey and Nelson have the same birthday, so Kacey decides to share her birthday party with him. But in planning the party, Kacey ignores Nelson's input, leaving him feeling hurt, and her feeling like a bad friend.

Episode Summary

Kacey says that it's someone's birthday and the band says it's Nelson's. That's when Kacey realizes that she and Nelson share the same birthday. The band decides that they should throw a party together.

Kacey eventually gets so carried away, she takes over the party plans herself, since she wants to impress the Perfs that she and her friends can party. Then she nixes all of Nelson's ideas and guests like a magician and a guy who sticks his fingers in his nose all the time. 

Nelson starts to get fed-up and Stevie also notices that. And Stevie helps Kacey realize that she has gone too far. Kacey soon realizes it and decides to throw Nelson a surprise party in the band room, with the magician and the nose picker. Molly hears that Kacey will have a party, then she acts nice to Kacey and her band all the time so that she could diss Kacey and not show up. However, it is revealed that her real plan was to come to the party and embarrass her and sabotage the whole party. Kacey then tells Grace where the real party is, and tricks Molly by saying that the venue was at a club. However, when Molly goes to the club, it turns out that she's the only one outside and that the club was closed. She calls Grace and finds out that she is at Nelson's party.

Then Gravity 5 plays at the party, and Zander performs his first duet with Kacey.


Featured Songs


  • This episode reveals that Kacey and Nelson's birthdays are on the same day.
  • Gravity 5's table looks similar to The Perf's table in How to Rock Braces and Glasses,as it was pale orange.
  • In one scene where Molly is asking Kacey about the guest list,Grace's red jacket is seen on when the camera cuts to Molly,then it comes off, then it comes back on.


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