General Information
Intimacy Level Enemies
Started Rivalry Before "Braces & Glasses"
Rivalry Status Enemies; Friends in "A Secret Agent"

Mevie (M/olly + St/evie) is the enemy pairing of Stevie Baskara and Molly Garfunkel. This pairing could also be named Stolly.

Mevie Moments

Season 1 Moments

How to Rock Braces and Glasses

  • Molly (along with Kacey and Grace) called Stevie "Loserberry".

How to Rock a Messy Bet

  • In science class Molly keeps calling Stevie "Loserberry".

How to Rock a Secret Agent

  • Molly temporarily becomes friends with Stevie as an attempt to find out what dress Kacey was wearing to the dance.
  • Stevie gets revenge on Molly and Kacey by making them wear the same dress to the dance.

How to Rock a High School Sensation

  • Stevie compliments Molly's glare.
  • Stevie is apparently jealous of Molly and Zander's flirting.

How to Rock a Good Deed

  • Stevie laughs/chuckles when Zander tells Molly what was on his hand after high-fiving her.

How to Rock a Fashion Victim

  • Stevie agrees with Molly that they cannot get the stains out of Kacey's outfits.

How to Rock a Tennis Ball

  • Molly gives Stevie the tennis ball even though she dislikes Stevie.
  • Molly and Stevie sit next to each other in Mango's car both on the trip to the court and back.

How to Rock Christmas

  • Stevie (with Zander) traps Molly (and Kacey) in a dressing room.

How to Rock a Basketball Team

  • Stevie bragged to Molly about her team winning.

How to Rock a Newscast

  • Stevie gave Molly the job as investigative reporter and calls her annoying and serious.
  • Molly is surprised that Stevie gave her the role instead of Kacey.
  • Stevie was impressed by Molly's report.