Stacer (St/evie, K/ac/ey, Zand/er) is the love triangle of Stevie Baskara, Kacey Simon, and Zander Robbins. Alternative names for Stacer is Zavie or Kandie. There is proof that Kacey likes Zander, that Stevie likes Zander, and that Zander likes Stevie and may like Kacey.


Zacey Information

Zacey (Z/ander + K/acey) is the romantic/friendship pairing between Kacey Simon and Zander Robbins. An alternative name for Zacey would be Kander. Rival pairings are Kason, Zolly, and Gander. Even in the first episode, they had instant chemistry, especially after Kacey's social downfall. Zander and Kacey have stuck together through everything, and if the book can be taken as a clue, How to Rock has many more Zacey moments in store. Supporters of this ship are called Zaciers.

Zander may have a crush on Kacey however it has not been confirmed yet.

Zacey Moments

Season 1 Moments

How to Rock Braces and Glasses

  • Kacey seemed to be interested in Zander.
  • Kacey mentions that Zander is her lab partner in science.
  • Zander looks up from his text book with a concerned look, and helps Kacey get away from a mob of students.
  • After Kacey says thank you, Zander says "Come on, Let's get out of here." And takes her to the band room where they can be alone.
  • Zander holds the door to the band room for Kacey and gestures her inside.
  • Zander invites Kacey to join Gravity 4 after she gets dumped by the Perfs.
  • Zander doesn't care if Kacey has braces and glasses.
    Tumblr m33urf6Sks1r9q3ezo3 250
  • Zander helps Kacey sing better by telling her to sing her feelings of being dumped by her friends.
  • After hearing Kacey sing, Zander gazes at her open-mouthed and drops his textbook in awe.
  • After Kacey gets her braces and glasses off, Zander looks at her and says, "Wow," implying that he thinks she's beautiful.
  • Zander seems to be interested in Kacey.
  • Near the end, when Kacey said, "If I decide to rejoin the band, you people need to keep up, 'cause I know how to rock." Zander agreed quickly, "Well, I'm sold, what do you guys think?"
  • During the performance of Only You Can Be You, Kacey looks over at or goes to dance beside Zander multiple times.

How to Rock a Messy Bet

  • Zander agreed with Kacey when she said their rehearsal room was a mess.
  • When Zander asked Kacey what was on his face, he could have asked Stevie, but asked Kacey instead.
  • Zander borrowed Kacey's mirror.
    Tumblr m39ultYeGL1r9q3ezo4 250
  • Later in the bandroom, Zander still has Kacey's mirror.
  • When Kacey tells Zander she has the most important text of her life on her phone, he tells her she can't read it in a very caring tone.
  • Kacey asked Zander to read the text message from Tony. She could've asked Stevie but asked Zander instead, showing she trusts him.
  • During the scene following them running away from the creature in the bandroom, Zander and Kacey are gazing into each other's eyes the entire time.
  • Zander puts his hand on Kacey's shoulder.
  • Zander touched Kacey's hand first when they put their hands in for the bet.

How to Rock a Guest List

  • When Zander is confused to why Justin Cole was riding a unicorn, Kacey finally explained it to him.
  • Kacey got Zander invited to the party.
  • Kacey tells Zander that he's cool.
  • Zander seems to really care what Kacey thinks of his outfit.
  • Zander didn't want to admit to Kacey that he couldn't figure out what to wear.
  • Kacey tells Molly that Zander always looks hot.
  • Kacey tried to defend Zander against the Perfs.
  • Zander didn't want to stay at the party without Kacey first.
  • When Zander hugs Kacey and Stevie at the end of the performance, Kacey seems very happy.
  • Zander said Kacey was in his mind.
  • Kacey and Zander are matching in the beginning of the episode, they both wear grey and black and even match down to Kacey's red and blue combat boots that match Zander's flannel shirt.

How to Rock a Statue

  • When Kevin says that he likes Kacey's face Zander looks between Kevin and Kacey cautiously then changes the subject to his piece for the art show.
  • When Zander says he likes Dana Blair, Kacey's face kind of drops and it looks like she's forcing a smile a little bit.
  • When Zander shows the gang his tortured artist face he's going to uses to get Dana, Kacey doesn't say anything; she just has a sad face on and then walks away and starts reading the school magazine.
  • Kacey tells Molly that Zander would beat her in the art show, even though the art piece he created earlier wasn't very good. This proves she knows he can come up with an amazing art piece and has full confidence in him.
  • Zander tells Kacey that if he wins the art show then Molly won't be able to rub her victory in her face. This means that Zander wasn't only trying to win the art show for his crush Dana, but for Kacey too.
  • Kacey said to sculpt something romantic, classic, and beautiful, so Zander suggests that he sculpt her, implying that he thinks of her romantically and views her as beautiful.
  • Kacey high-fives Zander, agreeing that it would be better to have a statue of Kacey rather than a statue of nobody.
  • Kacey makes Zander talk to his crush, Dana.
  • Kacey hurts Zander's feelings about the sculpture's minor flaws and she apologizes.
  • While Zander is talking to Dana during the art show Kacey looks upset and makes a pouty face the whole time until she walks away and smiles when Zander comes and talks to her.
  • Kacey assures Zander that he will win, and gives him a second high-five.
  • Zander and Kacey tell each other goodbye as Zander heads off to class.
  • When Zander touches Kacey's waist thinking she was really his statue, she giggles.
  • Zander is heartbroken when he finds out what Kacey did.
  • Kacey then gives Zander a long heartfelt apology because she felt bad that she hurt him.
  • Kacey tells Zander she isn't helping him to beat Molly anymore, and that she only wanted to help him.
  • Zander forgives Kacey.
  • Kacey smiles after Zander gets asked out.
  • Kacey is glad things worked out between him and Dana, and he thanks her.
  • He says that Kacey really came through for him while looking at her lovingly.
  • Kacey high-fives Zander a third and final time.

How to Rock a Music Video

  • When Kacey says that Gravity 5 is the best band in school she is looking and pointing at her and Zander.
  • Zander is the one to lift Kacey up.
    Confused Zacey
  • Zander was the only one to say Kacey when Kacey walked in the bandroom.
  • While everyone is in the pool of macaroni Kacey opens her arms to Zander and yells "I love you! Hugs!"
  • When Gravity 5 watches the video over, Kacey says "why do so many people what to watch this video". Kevin says "cause its the two greatest things in the world a pretty girl and mac&cheese". Zander then says that he's watched 64 times meaning that he thinks she's pretty.
  • While Kevin and Nelson are agruing Kacey and Zander are talking off to side. She puts her hand on Zander's shoulder.

How to Rock an Election

  • Zander seems upset that Kacey isn't playing fair in the election.
  • Zander seems like the only one who cares that Kacey isn't trying to win the right way.
  • Zander helps Kevin with his campaign when he knows it will help Kacey.
  • He tries his best to help Kevin out.
  • Zander asks Kacey how her campaign is going, meaning he still wants her to do well.
  • When Kevin tried to kiss Kacey Zander stopped smiling and walked behind him as if he was trying to stop him.
  • When Kacey walked passed Kevin, Zander nodded his head as if he approved.
  • Zander tells Kacey he's proud of her for dropping out of the race for Kevin.
  • Zander tells Kacey he'll never doubt her again.
  • At the Election party, for a moment it looked as if Zander was going to ask Kacey to dance, until Molly walked up and interrupted him.

How to Rock a Newscast

  • While Zander is explaining to Grace what a anchor is Kacey stands behind him.
  • Kacey helps Zander explain to Grace what an anchor is smiling at him.
  • Kacey tells Grace that an anchor is "an attractive person who knows how to read english", meaning she called Zander attractive since he is an anchor.
    Tumblr m27l2fP06l1rp6g7po1 500
  • While Zander is performing his version of the news jingle, Kacey stares at him dreamily.
  • Zander and Kacey talk to each other in the band room with Nelson and Kevin. Zander seems absorded by her and her only.
  • Zander looks truely upset for Kacey when she finds out that her report was wrong and urges her to tell the truth.
  • Zander tells Kacey that he admires her honesty when she tells everyone her mistake.

How to Rock a Prank

  • Zander looks upset when Kacey says she's waiting to see Dean.
  • Zander looks bothered the whole time Kacey is explaining her plan to get Dean's attention.
  • Zander told Kacey when Dean was talking to Molly.
  • Zander didn't want Kacey to take revenge on Molly and urges her to be the bigger person.
  • Zander seems like he doesn't want to go on with Kacey's pranks on the the Perfs but he does anyway to help her out.
  • While Zander is shyly walking back to the table after gluing the bananas to the Perfs phones, Zander spins the bottle around his hand and if you listen closely you can hear the sound of the bottle squeaking. When Kacey walks over to the table you can see Zander's hand floated cautiously in the air until he high fives Kacey. Showing that he could've glued their hands together on purpose.
  • Another clue that Zander might've glued his and Kacey's hands together is that at first Zander didn't seem happy at all about Kacey wanting to go out with Dean but all of a sudden when Kacey had a date with him he was excited for her and high fives her. He could've acted excited to get them stuck together.
  • Zander gets upset when Kacey said that Dean might think Kacey likes him and says "What's wrong with liking me? I'm very likeable!" In a hurt, maybe even jealous voice.
  • When Kacey says she has a date and it's not with the person she's glued to, Zander says she would be lucky if it were him, implying that he wants it to be him.
  • While waiting for her date to arrive Zander begs Kacey to get him food and she refuses until he gives her the puppy dog pout, and then she agrees.
  • He only agrees to help Kacey with her plan because (he said that) she's his friend and he cares about her.
  • Zander rests his hand on Kacey's cheek while Dean tells his story.
  • When Molly and Grace were insulting Kacey, Zander kept sending her signs not to give into them and be the bigger person.
  • Kacey doesn't give into to what Molly and Grace were saying because she made a promise to Zander that she would be the bigger person.
  • When Kacey tells Dean she couldn't have done it (save their date) without her friends she looks at Zander first. He looks at her and smiles than looks down at the ground. This could have been because he was trying to hide his blushing.

How to Rock a Secret Agent

  • When Kevin tells Kacey he's looking at what she's wearing Zander looks over to him, he looks upset. (He's probably jealous because he likes Kacey).
  • When Zander sits down at the table Kacey looks at him lovingly.
  • When Zander is telling Kevin and Nelson that he'll have a date to the dance Kacey butts into the conversation. Probably bacause she's jealous.
  • When Kacey said that Kevin and Nelson could gets dates before Zander, she hits Zander's arm, It looked like she was hinting to him to ask her out.
  • But when he made the bet Kacey looks thrown off that he didn't take the hint and looked upset because she knew he was going to ask some other girl.
  • Right before Stevie walks into the bandroom to tell everyone that Kacey's plan is working you can see Kacey and Zander were talking alone together.
  • Zander stops and steps a little closer to Kacey while she was showing Stevie how to pose like a Perf.
  • Kacey steps towards Zander and promises that no one would be able to take their eyes off of him at the dance.
  • Zander steps closer to Kacey and has a huge smile on his face and asks, "Because you're going to be my date?". He seemed really happy that she would accept.

How to Rock a Lunch Table

  • Zander tells Kacey about Nelson's system to avoid bird poop landing on her tray.
  • Zander tries to make Kacey feel better by telling her your social status shouldn't be determined by where you sit and starts playing the band's new song.
    Sweet on each other
  • Zander gets up out of his seat and moves over to Kacey when he starts playing.
  • Kacey put her hand over Zander's hand to stop him from playing the ukulele.
  • Zander agrees with Kacey that the Perf table is better.
  • Zander is the only one who doesn't agree with Stevie when she says Kacey is complaining about being in Gravity 5.
  • Zander reassures Kacey that their table is not gross and starts playing the song.
  • Zander sits next to Kacey once they thought they got the table.
  • They were looking at each other in the eyes.
  • Zander helps Kacey to get the table.
  • After the pizza fight, Zander looks at Kacey lovingly and tells her Kacey that she is a "Good Friend".
  • Kacey smiles back at Zander giving him the same look.
  • During the performance of Go With Gravity, Zander and Kacey stand very close together.
  • Kacey leans on Zander and they dance together while performing.
  • If you watch Zander (while Gravity 5 is performing Go With Gravity in the courtyard) you can see he's into the song and smiling, but when Kacey stands on the table with him and dances, you can see him smiling really big and is really into the song.

How to Rock a Birthday Party

  • When Zander comes up to Kacey while she's talking to Molly and Grace, he doesn't even notice them at first; he just smiles while keeping his eyes on Kacey.
  • Zander asks why Molly is smiling, then he looks at Kacey, puts his hand on her shoulder and asks "What did she do to you?" in a very concerned tone, and with a very worried look in his eyes.
  • Zander and Kacey sit at the lunch table alone together.
  • Kacey laughed maniacally and started choking, but Zander saved her by giving her his water bottle.
  • Zander smiles over at Kacey when Nelson is opening his present.
  • When Nelson finishes opening his present Kacey taps Zander twice in the stomach.
  • When Kacey tells Nelson that she got him something for his birthday she quickly looks to Zander.
  • They also sang a sweet/romantic duet at her and Nelson's birthday party.
  • When Zander walks over to Nelson and put his arm around him Kacey imedetly moves closer to Nelson and puts her arm around him meaning she wanted to be close to Zander.
  • Zander pumped her sumo suit many times.
  • Zander ran of in one direction and Kacey started to go ion the othe then Zander came from the other side and ran up to on her side meaning he wanted o be close to her.

How to Rock a Part-Time Job

  • Zander and Kacey sing Last 1 Standing together; they gaze at each other the whole time.
  • During the song they only seemed to look at each other and stand close to each other.
  • Zander and Kacey seem like they feel the music and sing from their hearts as they sing to each other, showing that they really care for each other and they'll always be there for each other no matter what. It looks like they mean everything the are singing to each other, Zander even point to Kasey.
    Screen Shot 2012-05-26 at 1.40.27 PM
  • They also sing to each other throughout the entire song as if they were talking to each other and saying how much they love and care for each other.
  • When Zander, Kevin, and Nelson were beat boxing, Zander was standing very close behind Kacey and she didn't seem bothered by him and never told him to move away from her.
  • Zander asks Kacey if she was going to answer her texts.
  • Zander said he plays his ukulele in the street for money but he was playing in the mall. He could have only started playing in the mall that day because he knew Kacey would be working at the mall.
  • Kacey and Zander were only taking to each other when they were sitting at the lunch table with Kevin and Nelson.
  • Zander and Kacey were the only ones without jobs.

How to Rock Halloween

  • Kacey trips and falls and Zander catches her.
    Screen shot 2012-04-29 at 10.13.02 AM
  • Kacey takes Zander's hands and say thank you.
  • Zander calls for Kacey not to leave.
  • Zander is the one to speak out when he thinks the Perfs were up to something.
  • Zander wasn't into Nelson's idea of reading ahead to find out more about the chosen one until he thought Kacey was in danger and brought up the idea himself.
  • Zander volunteered to find Kacey.
  • Zander rushed over to Kacey when he spots her.
  • Zander moves past Molly to get to Kacey.
  • When Kacey woke up she looked to Zander and said "You're alive!" She was happy he was ok.
  • Zander complained about being the thumb but soon after he catches Kacey and gives her a thumbs up.
  • Zander says he wanted to dress up as a werewolf and immediately after Kacey dreams about the band being werewolves.
  • When everyone was in class Zander sat in front of Kacey. It was in Kacey's dream and she could've chosen to sit next to her best friend Stevie, but she didn't.
  • He wanted to come back for Kacey and do the song together.
  • When Kacey was saying who was in her dream, she pointed to Zander first.
  • When Kacey fell and Zander caught her they looked each other in the eyes for a bit
  • Zander said Kacey had a good point, even when he didn't agree with her, showing that he respects her opinion no matter what.
  • After Nelson leaves during their trick-or-treating, Zander and Kacey move closer together.

How to Rock a Basketball Team

  • When Kacey said they should go rehearse, Zander was the first one to reply.
  • While Kacey ask if the guys can play more quietly she's looking sweetly at Zander.

  • When Kacey walked into the gym, you can see Zander cheering for her.

  • When Kacey throws the glitter in the air Zander stands out and cheers for her, despite the fact that he was exhausted from working out all week.

  • Zander defends Kacey in her aguement with Stevie.
  • When Stevie walks out Kacey turns around to Zander and shrugs her shoulders in a "what did I do wrong?" epression.
  • Zander shrugs back in the same way that says "I don't know."
  • Kacey walks closer to Zander to talk about her frustration.
  • Zander touches Kacey's back when she is done with the introductions.
  • During their song at the end of the episode, Kacey was dancing with Zander for some time.
  • When Kacey says "I want to introduce you to the team" she points to Zander.
  • When Kacey is about to introduce Zander to the audience she claps her hands together and sighs. Zander looks at her and smiles than looks down shyly.
  • Each time Kacey is about to dance near Zander instead of Stevie she points to him.
  • Zander was about to put his hand on Kacey's shoulder but she didn't notice and walked away.
  • At the beginning Kacey brought the poster out for their gig, Stevie asked why it was just a picture of Kacey, and Kacey pretended it was Zander's idea.

How to Rock a Love Song

  • Zander smiles at Kacey several times.
  • Zander winked at Kacey.
  • Kacey calls Zander special.
  • Zander asks Kacey if she wanted the song to be about her.
  • Kacey looked disappointed that the song wasn't for her.
  • When Zander sings his song to Stevie and Kacey, Zander looks at Kacey lovingly and smiles.
  • Zander leans closer to Kacey while singing his song.
  • They both smile at each other and then look down.
  • When Zander said "let my heart speak", He stands closer to Kacey.
  • In Kacey's fantasy Kacey and Zander are flirting with each other.
  • Also in Kacey's fantasy Zander calls her "Kaceydoodle", and Kacey calls Zander "Zan Zan".
  • Kacey imagines Zander giving her flowers and chocolate.
  • Kacey is trying really hard to get Zander to do favors for her meaning she wants him to have a crush on her.
  • Zander was willing to do favors for Kacey.
  • When Kacey and Stevie try to be disgusting, she is sitting close to Zander on the couch.
  • Zander didn't mind Kacey's onion breath.
  • When Zander ask Kacey if she was disapointed that the song wasn't about her, Kacey seemed to be lieing when she said no.
  • Kacey said to Zander that it was better for Gravity 5 if they didn't date each indacating that if they weren't in Gravity 5 she would possibly date him.
  • When Zander found out about Kacey and Stevie reading his song lyrics, he says Kacey's name first.
  • Lady is a puppy dog, one of the Zacey animals/mascots.
  • The extra moment they share after Stevie leaves.


He looks at her ♥This user can't help but find something special in the way Zander looks at Kacey.♥
How to rock a love song 2 ♥I know that Zander really wrote that song for Kacey.♥


  • Zander is the only one that was always there for Kacey, even when she had braces and glasses he did not laugh.
  • Zander is always concerned for Kacey to do the right thing.
  • Zander has said that he cares about Kacey.
  • They have a lot of chemistry and the actors that portray them have acknowledged that.
  • Kacey goes to Zander whenever she feels low and he cheers her up every time .
  • They're usually always standing together.
  • Many fans say they have the strongest relationship in the band .
  • Kacey and Zander both show leadership to the other band members.
  • Zander always gives Kacey good advice.
  • It is hinted that they may have crushes on each other but it is not yet confirmed.
  • They have been through a lot together.
  • Zander and Kacey are they only two characters to sing a duet so far.
  • There favorite colors make the school colors purple and gold.


  • Colors:
    • Red - they both seem to wear a lot of red whether they're matching or not.
    • Black- they both seem to wear black in almost every outfit and they match in the opening song when wearing all black.
  • Number:
    • 5- Zander (and the rest of the band) changed the band name from Gravity 4 to Gravity 5 because she joined the band, and Zacey has five letters in it.
    • 1- since episode one they have shown to have a strong relationship, and are willing to help and stick by eachother throught everything.
  • Mascots/animals:
    • Puppy dog because Zander gave Kacey the puppy dog pout in How to Rock a Prank and she gave into him implying that she finds it cute when he does it and she has a soft spot for him.
    • Werewolf because on Zander said that he wanted to be a werewolf to pick up girls and Kacey must have thought he'd look good as a werewolf so she dreamt that she and Zander (and the rest of Gravity 5) as werewolves.
  • Songs:
    • "I'll Be There" by Jackson 5 because when Kacey sang it in How to Rock Braces and Glasses Zander looked at her competely wonderstruck. Also, because Zander was the only one who was there for her at first when the Perfs dumped her. And he said that he it doesn't matter if she has braces and glasses he likes her anyway, proving that he'll be there for her no matter what.
    • Only You Can Be You because it was the first song they sang together and it symbolizes that Zander likes Kacey for who she is no matter what.
    • Last 1 Standing because its a duet that they sing together and whenever they sing it they tend to only look at each other as if it were only the two of them.
  • Symbol:
    • Ukulele because its the main instrument played during the song Last One Standing and Zander usually plays it during the more romantic songs that Gravity 5 does.
    • Microphone- Zander created the group and decided to that Kacey should br the lead singer. He's also helped her to sing how she actually felt not as just a perf. They both have amazing singing voices and do the most beautiful duets like in Last One Standing.
    • Doc Martins/Combat Boots- they are both often seen sporting combat boots whether they are matching or not and Kacey has very wide variety of boots that she has for almost every outfit and or occasion.
  • Episodes:
    • How to Rock a Staue because Kacey tried to help Zander win the art show to impress a girl. Also when Zander didn't know what to do for the art show, he thought about making a statue of Kacey. And Kacey seemed jealous throughout the episode.
    • How to Rock a Prank because Zander seemed jealous when he heard about Kacey's date with Dean. And it seemed like Zander tried to sabotage Kacey's date by glueing their hands together.

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Zevie Information

Zevie forever<3

Zevie (Z/ander and St/evie) is the romantic/friendship pairing of Zander Robbins and Stevie Baskara. Stevie and Zander have proven that they have the tightest (romantic) bond in the series. It is shown that Stevie and Zander were friends prior to the show's premiere since they were both members of the band Gravity 4. This pairing has gained a very strong cult following since the series began. Zander and Stevie have almost no sense of personal space around each other. Both Max and Lulu have hinted about Zevie in interviews. Supporters of this ship are called Zevians. Its primary rival is Zacey. There is also a Zevie Wiki that's currently in development.

Alternate Names

  • Zavie (Za/nder/Stevie)
  • Stander (St/evie/Zander)
  • Zandie (Zand/er/Stevie)
  • Stever (Stev/ie/Zander)

Zevie Moments

Season 1 Moments

How to Rock Braces and Glasses

  • Zander tries to convince Stevie to let Kacey join Gravity 5.
  • Zander and Stevie whisper to each other.
  • Zander touches Stevie's arm gently when he whispers something to her.
  • Zander is the one to tell Stevie about Kacey.
  • When they are all hugging at the end of the performance "Only You Can Be You", he turns first to Stevie smiling but frowns when he sees her hugging Nelson.

How to Rock a Messy Bet

  • Stevie explains to Zander that Kacey wasn't listening.
  • Stevie tries to stop Zander from eating the burrito.
  • Zander's and Stevie's hands were on top of each other when they made the bet.
  • Stevie put her hand on top of Zander's pretty quickly.
  • Stevie catches Zander trying to look at himself in the cymbal.
  • They are alone in the hangout room before Kacey comes in.
Tumblr lz5kxwsJdD1r6icaeo1 500

Stevie holding on to Zander

  • Stevie is watching Zander wipe his face.
  • Zander jumps toward Stevie when they hear the "cat".
  • Stevie grabs Zander and hugs him when they hear the "cat".
  • Stevie keeps her hand on Zander's shoulder while they're standing on the couch.
  • Stevie and Zander are standing very close to each other on the couch.
  • Zander tells Stevie to go and puts his hand on her back.
  • Stevie and Zander don't try to eliminate each other from the bet at all.

How to Rock a Guest List

  • Zander moves toward Stevie when Justin passes out invitations.
  • Zander moves to stand behind Stevie when Kacey is lecturing them.
  • Zander looks a bit sad when Stevie says she's not going to the party.
  • Stevie and Zander both leave the training for the party.
  • Zander looks and smiles at Stevie when they walk into the party.
  • Zander looks a bit jealous when he hears Stevie and Justin.
  • Zander is the first to leave after Stevie.
  • Stevie and Zander stand near each other when they defend Kacey.
  • Stevie and Zander hug each other directly when they group hug and Stevie put her head on his shoulder.
  • If you pay attention during the song, you'll see that Stevie and Zander are looking at each other in the background while Kacey is in front of them singing.

How to Rock a Statue

  • Zander is playing with Stevie's hamsters.
  • Stevie seems jealous when Kacey and Zander are planning.

How to Rock a Music Video

  • Stevie and Zander were dancing with each other while Kacey sings.
  • Also it seems Stevie and Zander are close to each other and Kevin is off to the side.
  • Stevie seems interested in how Zander intended to play his solo, she even questions it.
  • Zander and Stevie are standing close together in the gym.
  • When Zander states he doesn't remember a vote, Stevie taps his side in agreement
  • Stevie helps Zander lift Kacey up and down.
  • They bring in the kiddie pool together.
  • They both doubt Kevin and Nelson's idea.
  • Stevie laughs when Zander makes fun of the idea.
  • Stevie pats Zander's arm when she asks him is he was recording.
  • They high five and then jump into the macaroni together.
  • They play in the macaroni together.
  • They fist bump over the views the video got.
  • They are again standing very close to each other during the last scenes.

How to Rock an Election

  • Both are campaign managers.
  • Both are seen as sidekicks through the majority of the episode.
  • Stevie and Zander seemed to be competing as well as Kevin and Kacey.

How to Rock a Newscast

  • When Mr. March announces Stevie her job Zander leans over giving her a smile and she gives him one back.
  • Stevie assigns Zander to be an anchor (one of the most important jobs) on the school newscast.
  • It was mentioned that Stevie assigned jobs by personality and Zander got to be an anchor (a job for attractive people), hinting that she thinks he's attractive.
  • Zander tries to make a theme song for Stevie to use in the newscast.
  • Stevie asks who the girl Zander was with, possibly showing jealousy.
  • Zander was angry that Stevie didn't choose his song for the newscast.
  • Zander insisted that Kacey told Stevie the truth.

How to Rock a Prank

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Stevie and Zander snickering

  • Zander and Stevie look at each other when Nelson is explaing the plan.
  • Stevie asked Zander if he had his banana and he replied "Yes".
  • She questions Zander’s question, and laughs when he asks if they can just ignore it.
  • Stevie pulls Zander behind her.
  • Stevie tries to help get Kacey and Zander apart, possibly because she didn't want Kacey and Zander together.
  • Stevie and Zander both argue at the party.
  • Zander and Stevie laugh with each other.
  • Stevie tries to get them the solvent ASAP, possibly showing that she cares for him (and Kacey).
  • They fight over the shotgun.
  • They laugh and high five each other at the prank Zander pulled.
  • Stevie has her arm on Zander’s shoulder in the last scene.

How to Rock a Secret Agent

  • The both don't "speak girl".
  • He helps nominate Stevie as the spy.
  • Zander was helping Stevie play her violin at lunch.
  • He says she looks amazing along with Nelson and Kevin after she gets her makeover.
  • He didn't like the idea of losing Stevie to the Perfs.

How to Rock a Lunch Table

  • They are sitting next to each other during lunch.
  • He says "down Stevie" with his hand on her shoulder when she stands up to threaten Molly.
  • While talking about seaweed, she tickles right under his chin.
  • They hold each others arms and look at each other lovingly.
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    Their holding hands! :)

  • Stevie laughs at Zander's outburst.
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    The famous Zevie monologue

  • They step on the table at the same time.
  • They high five with both hands, inertwine fingers, then let go.
  • Stevie looks a bit jealous when Kacey grabs on to Zander.
  • When she looks at Zander during the song, she bites her lip nervously.

How to Rock a Birthday Party

  • They're sitting on the couch fairly close together.

Zevie playing to each other when Kacey sings a song at Nelson's birthday party

  • They walk down from the stairs together. meaning that they were walking together before that.
  • Stevie puts her head on his shoulder and he puts his legs over hers after they bid on the book.
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Zevie "acting casual" ;)

*They do it again when thay "act casual".
  • Again, while "acting casual", Stevie leans against him while holding his leg.
  • They were talking before rehearsal.
  • They stood next to each other smiling at a point in the song.
  • When Nelson is talking about the next level to Kacey you will see Zander having his arm around Stevie and Stevie leaning in to Zander.

How to Rock a Part-Time Job

  • Stevie sat in Zander's seat after he got up to sing.
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    The way she looks at him. ;)

  • She looked a bit jealous when he and Kacey were singing together.
  • She lets him hide behind the counter.
  • She asks if he wants a smoothie and he said she read his mind.
  • Stevie gives her smoothies to Zander all the time.
  • She walks him out when he gets a cramp.
  • He knows she's still upset and sounds worried.

How to Rock Halloween

  • When he complains about being the thumb, she say's it's cool.
  • They become the "surfer fingers", which cheers him up about being the thumb.
  • When she howls, she leans into him a little.
  • When they were talking to Kacey about going "trick-or-meating", they stand very close to each other, occasionally glancing at each other and smiling.
  • While talking to Kacey about "trick-or-meating", Zander had his arm around her.
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    Stevie jumping in Zander's arms again

    Zander and Stevie are sitting next to each other with their instruments when Kacey comes in.
  • When the thunder crashes, she jumps into his arms and he catches her.
  • He keeps holding her for a bit and when he puts her down they keep their arms around each other.
  • When Zander says that there are hot chicks at the party, Stevie glares at him angrily.
  • Stevie pats him on the arm when he says that he'll find Kacey.
  • She scoffs and makes a face when Molly flirts with Zander.
  • Stevie seems upset and annoyed when Molly and Zander are flirting with each other.

How to Rock a Basketball Team

  • While rehearsing, Zander gave Stevie a funny look and she laughed.
  • They constantly look and smile at each other while preforming.
  • Zander shows concern when Stevie confronts Kacey.
  • Zander looked concerned for her after she told him that Kacey was drawing in the crowd.
  • While performing they signal to each other before coming up from behind Kacey to do a move with her.

How to Rock a Love Song


Stevie and Zander riding off in Stevie's fantasy

  • Stevie thinks Zander likes either her or Kacey at first, but quickly changes her mind.
  • Stevie thinks that Zander likes her.
  • Stevie imagines that Zander likes Stevie and rides away with her on a motorcycle.
  • In the Zevie fantasy, it is less cheesy and bit more realistic versus Kacey's fantasy which consists of loving smiles and Zander showering Kacey with flowers and chocolates during a band rehearsal.
  • In Stevie's fantasy, Zander calls her Steviekins.
  • Also in the fantasy, Zander is being over-protective over her, showing that he deeply cares for her.
  • Stevie thought Zander's song was really sweet, until she thought it was about her.
    Picture 2

    Zander moves to Stevie's side of the couch when he sings to both Kacey and her to reveal who his "Lady" was.

  • When Kacey was about to read Zander's notebook, Stevie told her not to. Maybe because she respects Zander's privacy or she didn't want to find out who Zander's "lady" is.
  • Stevie kept poking Zander playfully when she was teasing about who he was writing about for his love song.
  • Zander sings to Stevie's side of the couch first before singing to Kacey when he reveals to the girls who his "Lady" is.
  • When he shushed Stevie and Kacey and said, "let my heart speak" he was staring right at Stevie.
  • Stevie smiled when Zander was on her side singing to her he smiled just a little bit more.
  • When Zander sang "we're unconditional" Stevie smiled and Kacey didn't.
  • Stevie was way more upset about the dog than Kacey was.
  • Zander went to Stevie's side of the couch before going to Kacey's side.
  • Kevin wanted the song to be about Stevie.


♥I'm a passionate Zevian!♥
Picture 2
I know that Zander really wrote that song for Stevie!

Fan Representation

  • Official Color: Blue, as they are both frequently seen wearing blue, and Stevie's favorite color is ocean blue.
  • Official Mascot: Strings, as they both play a different type of stringed instrument (Zander-Guitar/Ukelele & Stevie-Bass) in Gravity 5.
  • Official Animal: Hamster, as Zander plays with Stevie's pet hamsters in How to Rock a Statue.
  • Official Drink: Smoothie, as Stevie gives her free smoothies from work to Zander when she doesn't want them.
  • Official Number: 13, as Stevie Baskara and Zander Robbins both have 13 letters in them.
  • Official Food: Pizza, As they both eat pizza in How to Rock an Election and are excited when Pizza Day is back in How to Rock a Lunch Table.
  • Official Song: "You & I", as Lulu Antariksa and Max Schneider, the portrayers of Stevie and Zander sang a cover version of the song. Also, "Lady", as Stevie believes the song is sweet and that she is the inspiration that made Zander write it.
  • Official Episode: "How to Rock a Love Song", as Stevie believes the song Zander wrote is for her, she imagines what it would be like if he was in love with her, and it shows how deeply Stevie and Zander care for each other.


  • They both play string instruments (Stevie plays the bass and Zander is the lead guitar) and provide backup vocals in Gravity 5.
  • It is frequantly hinted that Stevie has a crush on Zander (And the other way around).
  • On a few occasions, Stevie seems to be jealous when Zander spends time with Kacey.
  • Stevie is often seen glancing and smiling at Zander.
  • According to a recent poll, it is the most supported ship on How to Rock.
  • In an interview, Max Schneider who plays Zander hints that there will possibly be some romance between Stevie and Zander.
  • Stevie is also seen to be placing her arm or hand on Zander's shoulder very so often in episodes.
  • Max Schneider frequently hints Zevie in his interviews.
  • In Lulu Antariksa's question and answer video, she had mentioned a fan with the name 'steviexzander' and said she 'loves that' (refering to the name).
  • In the book How to Rock Break-Ups and Make-Ups it says that Zander's ex-girlfriend is Stevie.
  • In a Ustream video with Lulu Antariksa and , it is said that Lulu's favorite color is Yellow and Max's is Purple. Ironically, the colors of their basketball jersey are yellow and purple.
  • Zevie won the 2012 How to Rock Wiki Award for "Favorite Pairing".

Zevie Fanfictions

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Cast Hints

  • David Israel, the creator of the show frequently tweets about Zevie. Here are some of those tweets:
    • "I'm being swarmed by Zevie nation. Love Song will have you people buzzing."
    • "Very true. One point for Zevie Nation." (Twitter)
    • "I agree that Zevie people think Zevie is flawless." (Twitter)
    • "I can tell. Zevies are a passionate posse." (Twitter)
    • "How to Rock a Love song will definitely get reactions from Zevie people. Oh Yeah." (Twitter)
    • Glad u like the Zevie moments. We love writing for them." (Twitter)
    • "Love your passion for Zander & Stevie. Who know what might happen with them? (I do, actually)" (Twitter)
    • "...according to a counselor from Camp Zevie. Zander and Stevie do have good chemistry and are very funny together." (Twitter)
    • a Zevie fan asked, "@DIsrael Is there gonna be ANY zevie moments in thenext episode?? i cant wait any more!!!!" David Israel replied," @BlueNinjaGirl4 Yes. Vroom vroom. (Twitter)
  • Max Schneider and Lulu Antariksa also hint Zevie in their interviews often.

Famous Zevians

  • Zevielover is the first Zevian on the wiki. She created the immensely popular ship's name. She is a former admin to the wiki. She tied for "Hardcorest Zevie Shipper" at the 2012 How to Rock Wiki Awards.
  • Yougotburned is a popular Zevie fanfiction writer who is widely known. She is in line to become an admin to the wiki. She won "Favorite User" and won 2nd place for "Hardcorest Zevie Shipper" at the 2012 How to Rock Wiki Awards.
  • TheCoreyyDarnell is the second Zevian on the wiki. He originally shipped Zacey, but converted before the series began. He is an admin on the wiki. He created the Zevie page. Also, he recently created the supporter nickname "Zevian". He won "Favorite Admin" and tied for "Hardcorest Zevie Shipper" at the 2012 How to Rock Wiki Awards.
  • Alwayssmiling11 is Zevie fanfiction writer. She is on the Zevie page almost every day. She is an admin to the wiki. According to Corey, she'll be nominated for "Hardcorest Zevie Shipper" at next year's How to Rock Wiki Awards. She won 2nd place for "Favorite Admin" at the 2012 How to Rock Wiki Awards.
  • Kevin Reed, an in-universe shipper. It is proven that he wants Zander/Stevie together as said How to Rock a Love Song that he wants Zander to like Stevie, even though it's possibly because he wants to date Kacey.

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