I'll text her right now.

– Tony Cardella about Kacey in How to Rock a Messy Bet

Tony Cardella
Screen Shot 2012-02-04 at 9.46.16 PM
Full Name

Tony Cardella





Eye Color


Hair Color



Kacey Simon (crush)


Brewster High School

First Episode

"How to Rock a Messy Bet"

Last Episode

"How to Rock a Messy Bet"

Portrayed By

Brantley Pollock

Tony Cardella is a guy Kacey had a crush on in How to Rock a Messy Bet. In the episode, Gravity 5 starts a bet in which Kacey has to give up her phone. She thinks giving it up will be easy, but temptations arise after he texts her and she isn't allowed to answer it, lest she want to clean up the messy band room.

She decides to throw the bet and looks at the message that says to meet him "on the other side of the school at 3:00 pm." She doesn't think she'll have time to make it, but she is saved by Nelson and Kevin with their slingshot. Kacey invites him to a gig that she's having with Gravity 5 in the basement of the school.


He's one of the most popular guys in school. He seems to be a nice guy and a good student too.


  • Stevie Baskara thinks he's hot.
  • Molly is also possibly interested in him.
  • Tony and Kacey are dating in two episodes.

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