On July 9, 2012...I'm conducting the very first Wiki-wordmark Wiki Awards!

Voting commenced here on June 22, 2012 and ended on July 9, 2012.

There are 20 sections to vote on. The winners were announced on July 10, 2012.


  • You can comment your votes in here. They will count in the final percent, as opposed to my original statement.
  • Voting doesn't start until 6/22/12. Don't try to vote until then.
  • On 7/9/12, the voting panel will be closed down. Don't try to vote then.
  • Your reactions will be monitored people! Watch your comments.
  • Make sure to follow these rules!!


  1. Favorite Character: Stevie Baskara
  2. Favorite Episode: How to Rock a Love Song
  3. Favorite Pairing: Zevie
  4. Favorite Song: Last 1 Standing
  5. Favorite Cast Member: Lulu Antariksa
  6. Best Friendship: Kelson
  7. Best Userbox: The Zevie one
  8. Cutest Girl: Stevie Baskara
  9. Hottest Guy: Zander Robbins
  10. Best Member (Gravity 5): Nelson Baxter
  11. Best Member (The Perfs): Grace King
  12. Coolest Friend to Have: Zander Robbins
  13. Best "Lesson Learned" Moment: In "A Guest List"
  14. Favorite Admin: TheCoreyyDarnell
  15. Favorite User:* Yougotburned
  16. Hardcorest Zevie Shipper: TheCoreyyDarnell & Zevielover
  17. Hardcorest Zacey Shipper: JadeBeckOTP
  18. Better Queen Bee: Molly Garfunkel
  19. Awesomest Group: Gravity 5
  20. Favorite Guest Star: Romeo Miller

*= Must be in the Top 10 to be nominated.


*The nominees will appear in order by their perspective category. (#5= Lulu Antariksa, Max Schneider, etc.)

  1. Kacey, Molly, Zander, Stevie, Grace, Nelson, Kevin
  2. Braces & Glasses, Halloween, A Secret Agent, A Love Song
  3. Zevie, Zacey, Grelson
  4. Only You Can Be You, Hey Now, Last 1 Standing
  5. Cymphonique, Samantha, Max, Lulu, Halston, Noah, Christopher
  6. Stacey, Kelson, Golly
  7. { { Zevie } } { { Zacey } }
  8. Kacey Simon, Molly Garfunkel, Stevie Baskara, Grace King
  9. Zander Robbins, Nelson Baxter, Kevin Reed
  10. Kacey Simon, Zander Robbins, Stevie Baskara, Nelson Baxter, Kevin Reed
  11. Molly Garfunkel, Grace King
  12. Kacey Simon, Stevie Baskara, Zander Robbins, Nelson Baxter, Grace King
  13. In A Guest List, In A Music Video, In A Part-Time Job
  14. KataraFan, Seddie4eva, TheCoreyyDarnell, Tavante, Bat Forever, Flyna4eva, Alwayssmiling11
  15. JadeBeckOTP, SolarianLovix, Yougotburned
  16. Zevielover, Yougotburned, TheCoreyyDarnell
  17. JadeBeckOTP, Flyna4eva
  18. Kacey Simon, Molly Garfunkel
  19. Gravity 5, The Perfs
  20. Jack DePew, Jacob Houston, Romeo Miller

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