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General Information
Intimacy Level Friends
Started Friendship Before "Braces & Glasses"

Zevinson (Z/ander + K/evin + Nel/son) is the friendship tri-pairing of Zander Robbins, Kevin Reed, and Nelson Baxter. They're all good friends, as they were all members of Gravity 5 prior to How to Rock Braces and Glasses.

Zevinson Moments

Season 1 Moments

How to Rock Braces and Glasses

  • They told The Perfs about their band.
  • They told The Perfs their catchprase.
  • They convinced Stevie to let Kacey Simon in Gravity 4.
  • Zander took up for his friends when they were called The Dorkel Band.
  • They asked Kacey Simon to be the lead singer in their band.
  • They were scared to tell Stevie about Kacey Simon being in their band. They huddled together to protect themselves.
  • They let Kacey Simon retry her song when she failed at it.
  • They practiced Only You Can Be You together.
  • They entered the talent show together.
  • They were willing to change the name of the band from Gravity 4 to Gravity 5.
  • They were frightened when Kacey Simon left the band.
  • They all performed on stage together at the talent show.
  • They all handshaked and hugged each other at the end.

How to Rock a Messy Bet

Zevinson 1
  • Kevin and Nelson try to make Zander feel self-conscious of his appearance.

How to Rock a Basketball Team

  • They try to come up with an idea to create a device that will let them have food whenever they want without moving a muscle.
  • They all joined track together.

How to Rock a Love Song

  • Kevin and Nelson tell Zander that Kacey and Stevie read his song book and thinks he likes one of them.

How to Rock a Singing Telegram

  • They're all surprised when asked by Andy to buy a telegram, asking Stevie to the dance.
  • They perform a telegram together for Stevie, as requested by Andy.
  • After Stevie accepts Andy's request, the boys say "What" in unison.
  • After Andy faints, they finish his sentence with words of they're own. (Zander: "School?" - Nelson: "World?" - Kevin: "We'll never know.")

How to Rock a Good Deed

  • When Stevie asks Mark how his recycling project is going, Zander makes his way to her with Nelson and Kevin following behind.
  • Zander says to Stevie that she's surrounded by the "three hottest dudes in school" and all three boys chuckle in agreement.
  • Because they're all afraid to touch the worms, they all turn to Stevie for help.
  • The three of them run after being thrown worms.
  • They all go up to Mark to let him know that they only look at Stevie as a sister.

How to Rock a Good Deed

  • Nelson and Zander both want Kevin to make and bring them lunches.
  • They all start a business together: A Little Slice of Kevin
  • Kevin gives specific orders to Nelson and Zander on how he wants the bread to look
  • When Kacey apologizes for "exploding" on the band, in the background, the boys unload boxes together
  • When Molly and Grace are about to leave the band room, the boys come in with the rest of their unsold lasagna.

How to Rock Camping

  • Before the trip, they all share what they're bringing.
  • When Zander eats the poison, they carry him to the shop.

How to Rock Christmas

  • They're near each other when at Danny Mangoes; Nelson and Kevin both sitting down with Zander standing behind.
  • Kevin asks "What's up with Scrooge" when he notices Kacey's mood. Zander replies for her.
  • When Stevie says the band can make smoothies while she finishes up, Zander remarks she never let's them make smoothies.
  • When Stevie says that Christmas brings out the nice in her, they all go to the counter.
  • Kevin brings out a leftover burrito and adds it to his smoothie, whereas Nelson and Zander both have a disgusted looks on their faces.
  • They all start their blenders, causing the power at Danny Mangoes to go out.
  • When Zander says he'll give them a boost, Kevin and Nelson mention that there might be mice in the air vents.
  • Zander and Nelson both help Kevin up after he falls from the ceiling.
  • Again, they're near each other when in the department store; Zander and Nelson both standing, while Kevin is sitting down on a chair.


  • They are all in Gravity 5.
  • They make up all the guys in Gravity 5.
  • They were first members of Gravity 5 to be introduced.
  • Zander appears to be more social then Kevin and Nelson.
  • All three of them are scared of touching the worms in How to Rock a Good Deed.